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Welcome to the rich and beauties, buying a yacht

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Marina at Cannes
Marina at Cannes  Bild: Ekkehard Boldt

Nice [ENA] Why not buying a yacht? Regardless of size, when it comes to acquiring a yacht first ask an expert. Here is a list of important things to pay attention to when buying. Of course, it should be fun- but careful planning is also needed. Most important advice is therefor: start by chartering…

Listen to what you are feeling You should fall in love with a yacht, which will make every moment worthwhile. It is passion that drives yacht owners and it is essential that you act on the emotional reasons that arise when buying a yacht. Of course, there are other principal factors to consider, but you should make sure to follow your emotions. Which requirements do you need? Yachts are ideal for escaping your daily routine and exploring new destinations. For some people, it is the best way to spend time with family and friends in absolute privacy. People, it is the best way to spend time with family and friends in absolute privacy...

.... Yachts make the perfect venues for many types of events whether it be for business to entertain clients or to host an extravagant dinner party. Think about your lifestyle and how you see yourself using the yacht. This will determine your requirements. Try before you commit: Charter Buying a yacht is a big commitment, not just for you but for your whole family. Sometimes it is better to charter various yachts in different places to get the feel for it first. Once you know what you like and most importantly dislike, you will be able to make that commitment more confidently.

Look for a helping hand Buying a yacht can be a pleasure experience provided you have the right advice. Over 85% of people buying a superyacht use their own broker to take them through the process. Watch out in the specific areas of the Mediterranean for marina harbours. There you will find broker offices getting the support that you can be ensure having an excellent buying experience. Buying and selling There are two happy moment for yacht owners, when they buy their yacht and when they sell it again on day. A very specific design, colour or layout might work for you, but it could deter future buyers. So, the recommendation is asking your broker how easy it would be to resell the yacht after five years.

Paradise at Anchor There are many regions you can choose to berth your yacht. In the Mediterranean on the French side there are selected harbours well known e.g. at Cannes, Nice, Antibes and Monte-Carlo. On the Italian side the recommendation goes to two places Marina Genova Aeroporto and Porto Mirabello are ideal locations for cruises. For some it is important that there are enticing islands nearby, while others are drawn by the attractions of more inland regions, or proximity to major cities. Both marinas offer a host of top attractions, including a five -star concierge service, boutiques, restaurants and amenities for crew members.

impressions fom Antibes by Ekkehard Boldt
impressions fom Antibes by Ekkehard Boldt
impressions fom Antibes by Ekkehard Boldt

The advice: The easier it is to get to your yacht, the more you will use her. Optimise the location for short visits such as weekend trips. Which places can you visit with just a few hours of cruising? Finding the right crew Another helping hand is needed by finding a good captain who is hands-on and a real team builder. He will not only help you select the other crew, but also help to keep them. Choosing the right crew is important for your experience on board.

Monte Carlo by Ekkehard Boldt
Nice by Ekkehard Boldt
old marina at Cannes by Ekkehard Boldt

Costs of ownership There is a common misunderstanding that the operational costs are a percentage of the value of the vessel. But as the yacht gets older, the value goes down while the running costs may go up. The operational costs depend on the size of the yacht, which determines the amount of the crew, the size of the berth, fuel consumption and the maintenance coasts. One third of superyacht owners offer their yachts for charter for several reasons. The charter revenues can offset a part of the operational costs. It is also easier to get a good crew on a busy chartered yacht. And, finally a European owner does not pay VAT on a commercial yacht. (Many thanks for advising by Sebastiano Pitasi, Yacht Broker at E&V Yachting in Nice)

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